Self Love = Destruction

Self Love = Destruction

Self-Love = Destruction

This is why:

Jesus said: ” … whoever desires to become great among you, let him be your servant. And whoever desires to be first among you, let him be your slave— just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many.” Matthew 20:26-28

I had surgery a little over a week ago and my wonderful husband and family took care of me. They did this with all their love and with no complaints.

This is what the Lord was talking about; to put others ahead of ourselves. I’m sure my family had other things to do & have some health issues themselves, but they put those things aside to help me. This got me thinking on the verse above.

There’s a “Self Love” movement that’s completely the opposite of this and is a lie straight from the Devil.

Satan wants us to believe that we need to look out for ourselves first; to evaluate if what we’re doing makes us “happy”. This is at the core of many failed relationships: Marriages, relationships with our parents, children, and church family.

God doesn’t want us to be happy; He wants us to be filled with joy. Happy is a fleeting feeling that depends on the moment. Joy is a lasting feeling that depends on the Lord.

Self Love will create a temporary feeling of happiness because our selfish nature will be satisfied. The more self love takes over, the more decisions we will make based on our selfishness. People will leave spouses, children, and church because something else makes them happier.

When we put others before ourselves, we will base our decisions on what will bring joy to our marriage, children, and church. In turn this will bring us lasting joy and strong healthy relationships.

So next time, as you’re thinking about what will bring your happiness or joy, choose the things that will bring you (and your marriage, children, church, neighbors) joy.

Try it today:

The Little Things:

  • When your husband is outside cleaning, go to him and help him out. Work as a team and enjoy your time together.
  • When your wife is folding clothes, go to her and help her out. Work as a team and enjoy your time together.
  • When you’re at church and notice there’s some dusting or sweeping that needs to be done, grab that broom and help out.
  • When you’re deciding whether to attend church or to [insert your excuse here], choose to serve the Lord first, then go complete [your excuse here].

The Big Things:

  • If you’re deciding to have a “girl’s night” or a “guy’s night” out (for the up-teenth time) or staying with your spouse to do something together, decide to spend some quality time together. That could mean going on a date night or as simple as snuggling on the couch.
  • If the good-looking co-worker of the opposite sex wants to have lunch alone or an after-work dinner alone and you think that will make you happy, think about the consequences of going down that road. Instead put the effort in your marriage and decide to allow God to bring in lasting joy to your relationship.
  • When your child says they don’t want to go to church, teach them to love God’s church and its people. You’re the parent.  If you can make them go to school, the dentist, etc. you have the authority, and obligation, to take them to church for the well being of your child.

Let’s help each other now and comment below on some ideas you have on how we can put others first.