This project started out as a personal journey.  I was reading the Bible one day and noticed every time I came across the words of Jesus, which are typed in red in most Bibles, I felt like the Lord was speaking directly to me; guiding me and showing me His message for me that day.

It was incredibly uplifting and humbling at the same time.  I started to take notes on how I could apply His teachings to my life.  With this site I hope to share those same ideas with you and hope they can be a blessing to your life.

I’ve partnered up with my wonderful husband, Rene, in searching the scriptures and putting together articles, videos, and online Bible studies (coming soon!).

We would like to hear about your thoughts and experiences too so be sure to leave a comment on the articles, videos, podcast, etc that are featured on this site.  Together we can encourage each other and learn how we can live and walk in Christ.

If you’re new to learning about Jesus or are just curious to see what the Bible has to say about certain topics we welcome your questions and comments too.

All the best,

Ginger and Rene

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